Will APC Produce A Consensus Candidate In The Forthcoming Presidential Primaries?

As the date of the primary elections of the All Progressive Congress is fast approaching, Newstopz evaluates the chances of the emergence of a consensus candidate as the winner of the primaries.

Come 6th to 8th of June, 2021, APC delegates across the country will converge in Abuja and decide who will represent APC in the forthcoming 2023 elections. Taking a cue from the last convention where the party chairman, Abdullahi Adamu, emerged as the winner of the chairmanship elections under a consensus agreement, there are indications that such will be the case in the presidential primary election. It all started with an anointing.

Buhari’s Anointed Candidate

There is a widely held view that Buhari has ‘anointed’ a candidate, his highly favoured candidate. Such is true as it has even been confirmed by the Presidency. This notion further gained prominence when Femi Adesina, Buhari’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, claimed Buhari has a preferred candidate but will not reveal who it is.

This was revealed by Adesina on Channels Television’s Politics Today.

According to Adesina:

“In a previous interview, when the President was asked whether he had a favourite candidate, he answered yes; but he will not mention him because mischief may happen to that person.

“That shows you that the President himself is interested in the process, and he has a preferred candidate, but whether he will impose his candidate is what you can not determine at the moment.”

Presidential Primary Elections Is A Different Ball Game

Senator Abdullahi Adamu, the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, says the consensus approach used to elect party officers at the party’s March 26, 2022 convention may not be practicable for the party’s presidential primary, which starts on Sunday.

The APC leader revealed this in an interview with the Voice of America Hausa channel in Abuja.

After President Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) endorsed him and asked other hopefuls to step down for him, Adamu became the APC chairman in March.

The APC chairman, on the other hand, stated that a presidential primary is not the same as a chairmanship election.

Buhari And APC Governors Meeting

Different details and rumors have emerged from the Buhari – APC Governors Meeting held on the 31st of May, 2022 at the presidential villa Abuja. Some suggested that Buhari asked Governors to support a consensus candidacy.

Only the official address of Buhari can be relied on. Here’s a part of the address needed for this analysis:

“I wish to solicit the reciprocity and support of the Governors and other stakeholders in picking my successor, who would fly the flag of our party for election into the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2023”.

The Final Verdict

With all the actions and speeches of the President, it is most likely that he (the president) will push for a consensus candidacy. The chairman of APC will likely support this move to reciprocate the support he received from Buhari during the chairmanship election.

Buhari has a preferred candidate and he will want his preferred candidate to be in the corridors of powers. It’s common with Nigerian leaders to want to instill their candidates once they are leaving office. Newstopz has documented about how Obasanjo installed his preferred candidate when leaving office.

Buhari understands that his best bet in installing his preferred candidate will be through Consensus candidacy. He will push for consensus candidacy and he will be supported by most APC leaders and big wigs of the party.

There is a major likelihood that the APC flag bearer for the 2023 presidential election will emerge through a consensus agreement. This is a prediction and not a guarantee.

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