Umahi: “Buhari’s Successor Should Be Engineer”


A Presidential aspirant and Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi state has recommended that an Engineer should be given the opportunity to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023.

According to him, the emergence of such caliber of person would help in the rebuilding of the nation.

The Governor stated this in Abakaliki while speaking with the Nigeria Guild of Editors (NGE) in the State.

Umahi said his experience as a professional Engineer, former party Chairman, Deputy Governor, and Governor makes him very outstanding among other Presidential Aspirants in the country.

He added that he has the courage, requisite experience, and performance to become the next President of the country, come 2023.

“There is hunger and anger in the land and so, we are looking for somebody who can do the job and I think I can do the job. If it is to share money, I can’t share money. I have fear of God and love for the people. I have the strength. I have health. I have the energy. I have the wisdom. I have the training. I am a professional Engineer and I create wealth. In Ebonyi state, 95% of the jobs are done through direct labor, through the ministries.

“There must be a leader that is above board to lead this country, there must be a leader that has the fear of God. The bible says that by the fear of God, men depart from evil. It is not about EFCC and ICPC, there is more that is more than these two and that is God because when you take from the poor, you are doing the opposite of what the word of God says. It says that He that giveth to the poor, lendeth unto God.

“So, I stand out by my training, by the fear of God, by my antecedents. I am an Engineer by profession and Engineers have not been given the opportunity to lead this country. We have infrastructure decay in this country.

“My position is that they should allow the Engineers, I look at them as many creators to build the nation, then we will have over to the politicians. I liken them to making the foods, when the foods is done, then we allow the politicians to come and take over. But right now, we need a professional to rebuild this country.

“Talking about the experience, I have been a party Chairman for four years, I have been a Deputy Governor for four years under a very experienced man and I will be Governor in the next year plus for eight years and I have the courage, I have the experience.

“I have the performance and if you check all my indices of performance vis-a-viz, the rating of the world bank, the rating of the Vice President of the country, the rating of Bureau of Statistics, the rating of the Ministry of Finance, you will see I came first, first, first but on the overall rating, you will see I came second and I don’t know why I came second, because I should come first but I have to accept.

“So, I stand out to do this job but if you are considering the volume of money, I shouldn’t even contest in the first place because I don’t have the kind of money many of them have, I have done the job in Ebonyi.

“I have not stolen money. I have not saved money but I have a name and I have legacies. In all honesty, I continue to pray that God will not bring a politician. Promises have been made in the past and failed, we are not going to rely on promises, in fact, I hate to hear promises.

“I want to see what you have done in your previous outings, what have you done? And that is what Nigerians should be asking now and not when you collect money from people, you will begin to talk.

“There must be a nation for us to be what we are and I feel so sad when elders will not be very objective when our nation is sinking, it looks like money answereth all things, it pains me so much but we have to grow above that because if this nation sinks, God forbid that, we will all sink”, he stated.


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