Tinubu Has Stood Up For Democracy – Dibal

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

In an interview with Vanguard, Dibal said given a level playing ground Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu would win the APC presidential ticket.

How did your electoral committee fare in your conduct, particularly that of the governorship primary?

This was a process which started somewhere culminating in the primary contest. Of course, you know that there are processes the aspirants would have undergone before eventually being eligible to contest for the main primaries. The arrangement was excellent. Lagos, like Borno, where I come from is always one party, one people. The five-man panel was headed by me, the secretary and two other members. The process, as you all can see, was excellent and at the end of the day, the governor was declared the winner.

It was alleged that your panel was bought over which was why the two other contestants were barred from the election…

I am aware that three people purchased the forms from Lagos and they went through the screening process, including the sitting governor.

I know that three aspirants appeared before the screening committee, one was cleared and the two others were not cleared. If one is cleared and the other weren’t, it means that there are issues regarding the aspirants not being cleared.

There are rules and guidelines, unfortunately, they didn’t meet the guidelines. Midway into the voting during the governorship tussle, somebody flashed me a piece of online news where it was alleged that the panel was backing certain individuals. Somebody that was not cleared wouldn’t be at the venue. If you are not cleared, you are either present your matter before the Appeal Committee and then to the National Working Committee and if that was not done, you indeed have an issue. It’s even against the law for you to have gone to the voting centre.

The two aspirants claimed that they were in Abuja, asking questions about their candidature from the screening committee but nothing was said to them.

Maybe they are Nigerians in Diaspora. Most probably they don’t know the rules and regulations. One of them didn’t have a voters’ card. He said he attempted to register online, but there are a lot of issues.

Some may be insinuating, maybe because they don’t know but the aspirants themselves can’t claim ignorance, because they know they have issues. When you met the screening committee, and after a day or two they didn’t call you to come and collect your certificate then, something is wrong. I thought the ideal thing for one to do was to find out and make clarifications about your candidature.If for whatever reason you are cleared as an aspirant, making you a candidate and it turned out that the matter is dragged before the court, and the court finds irregularities in the whole process and the election is annulled, the screening committee and political party should be blamed.

So, if you were not cleared, you had no business going to the venue of the exercise. Those going to the voting venue, apart from the security, officials, accredited journalists, and election observers are the delegates.

The cost of the APC nomination form is been criticized, saying the party encourages corruption and it’s an avenue to loot the treasury when aspirants get into office.

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