TikTok User Chi Goes Viral By Showing Off Her ‘Protruding Bellybutton’

TikTok user Chi, who is known as @iam_amakae proudly living with a protruding belly button has sparked concerns online after many claimed “it could become life threatening”.

She regularly shares dances video wearing crop tops and low-rise shorts in a series of body-positive TitTok videos

Chi went viral earlier this month when she shared footage of herself dancing in a long-sleeve white top that exposed her stomach.

The video has earned more than 13.4 million views and plenty of curiosity from people who wanted to know what was sticking out of her stomach.

Chi has ignored most questions about her belly button and has never explicitly stated what it was, though many viewers are convinced it’s an umbilical hernia.

According to Mayo Clinic

An umbilical hernia occurs when part of the intestine bulges through the opening in the abdominal muscles near the belly button. They are most common in infants, but they can also occur in adulthood when they’re more likely to require surgical repair.

Instead of trying to hide the lump on her stomach, she has chosen to flaunt it on TikTok and Instagram along with inspiring messages of self-love.Many of Chi’s videos show her dancing with the stomach bulge on full display, and she typically only responds to commenters who praise her and her confidence.A number of people have advices her to get surgery, but she has ignored them

Chi has been exposing her protruding belly button in her TikTok videos since 2020

See viewers comment 👇👇👇👇👇

Chi’s videos have helped her attract nearly 250,000 TikTok followers in two years.




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