PDP Presidential Aspirant Says Nigeria Needs Intervention

PDP ebonyi 2023

A presidential aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Mohammed Hayatu-Deen, has raised the alarm that the country is sliding off the cliff and needed urgent intervention.

Hayatu-Deen said this while on a consultation visit to delegates of the party in Ondo State ahead of the party’s primaries.

He lamented the level of division across the country by the ruling party

“Since I was born, I have never seen a time like this in the country. A moment of enormous grief, turbulence, and trepidation. The country is divided.

“Everywhere in the country has been gaslighted and everywhere is burning due to hunger, ignorance, deprivation, destruction of lives and property

He, however, said that with his long years of experience in the public and corporate world, he is in good stead to handle with ease all the problems bedeviling the country.

“I’m highly qualified. I have the intellectual skills, I do have the substantive experience both in the public space, in the private sector, and in civil society.

“Every nation depending on the circumstances in history, its time, and periled condition require a particular kind of leader that is most suited for the moment.

“For a country that is so rich in energy resources and hydropower that God has given us, in gas, we are sitting on an enormous reserve of gas in this country we have no business whatsoever facing the kind of energy crisis that we are facing.

The PDP presidential aspirant, who said he became the Group Managing Director and Chief Executive of New Nigeria Development Company, which had a portfolio of 145 companies when he was 30, said he has the necessary expertise to rule Nigeria successfully.

“I believe I have sophisticated education and a sophisticated worldview. I clearly understand success stories, the kind of things that actually make certain countries great and successful, and those that are not able to make it as successful countries.

“Beyond that, I know these countries very well and my background as an economist has given me a very broad and deep understanding of the kind of ills that is afflicting this particular society.

“I believe that Nigeria’s greater days are yet to come because I believe in the power of human capital and the power of education and to keep our citizens very heavy and very robust.

He added that “Also, very importantly, there is great news to tackle our national security, energy, and climate crisis. I have what it takes to address these problems headlong if I’m fortunate to be elected president of this country in 2023.

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