Onyeka Nwafor, 38 Year Old Economist Vies For President

Onyeka Nwafor NRM

Onyeka Nwafor, a 38-year-old economist from Anambra State, has declared for the 2023 presidency under the platform of the National Rescue Movement. Nwafor made his declaration at the Golden Mars Hotel, Udoka Estate, Awka, Anambra State, on Saturday.

In his declaration, Nwafor said Nigeria’s past and present leaders have failed to properly harness the vast number of highly skilled and talented youths for the proper growth of the country.

He also said only the youths have the tenacity, fitness and the wisdom to pull Nigeria out of the present dark path past and present leaders put it into.

He lamented that the youths have continuously been frustrated by the inability of its leaders to put in place the enabling system, institutions, and policies for the greater good of the country.

The presidential aspirant said,

“Over the years, our elected and appointed government officials have made the vast majority of our very intelligent teaming youths lose faith in the very fiber that holds us together as an indivisible and indissoluble nation, due to their lack of commitment to their electioneering campaign promises and party agenda.

“The devastating effects of this anomaly are undeniably manifested in our fast weakening economy, poor education system, prevailing security breaches, unreliable and porous banking system, the decline in commercial prospects, inefficient tax administration, ethno-religious crisis, the decline in foreign direct investment and skyrocketing unemployment rate.”

He added that his government would holistically focus on four essential government functions: education, security, health, and electrical power supply to fix the streams of problems enumerated.

According to him, the present system cannot move the country forward as it lacks developmental plans for the country and its citizens.

He added that simply applying a large sum of the nation’s budget to revamping the education system, ensuring the security of life and properties, providing a well-equipped health sector, and ensuring a steady and uninterrupted electrical power supply will magically eliminate the myriads of problems currently and place Nigeria on the global limelight.

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