Okiro Urges Political Parties to Get Credible Candidates


Former Inspector General of Police, Mike Okiro has urged political parties to elect credible candidates capable of winning elections and, reposition the country on the path of prosperity.

Okiro stated this Monday at a world press conference organized by the Nigeria-First Foundation to mark the 19th monthly edition of the Diplomatic and Diaspora Strategic Stakeholders Forum, DDSSF.

Speaking on the topic, “Nigeria 2023 Presidency: The emergence of Party Presidential candidates and the electorate decision, Okiro urged political parties participating in the 2023 general elections to shelve primordial sentiments in the selection of the next President for the country, noting that Nigeria needs a leader with capacity to fix the numerous challenges facing the country.

He said:

“The all awaiting 2023 Presidential elections unknown to many usually begin at Party Primaries. For Nigeria today, the month of May 2022 is a unique and a decision making one at the political level, hence our decision to use the occasion of the 19th monthly edition of The Diplomatic And Diaspora Strategic Stakeholders Forum to especially appeal to the conscience of our delegates to be conscious of whom they elect to face the larger Nigerian people because the 2023 Presidency begins effectively at these Presidential primaries.

“There is the need to present a Nigeria first oriented candidate being that the upcoming general elections would be centered on the credible candidate and not holistically party-based.

“The message and mandate here is for our delegates to be nationalistic and very intentional as to whom gets their endorsement. The Delegates should also know that they are not only delegates of their respective political parties but also representing the Nigerian people all over the globe.

“Whatever they produce from the party Presidential primaries is what will determine the final decision of the electorate  at the polling unit.

“By all settings, it is proven that only a national interest voting systems should become the standard in voting. In other words, credibility, competence and character are the three ‘Cs’ needed to arrive at who gets such endorsements by the delegates.”

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