Okada Ban Begins Today In Lagos State

The total ban on commercial motorcycles popularly known as okada for six local governments areas of Lagos state southwest Nigeria starts June 1 2022

The six local government that the government put the total ban are Eti-Osa, Apapa, Surulere, Lagos Mainland, Lagos Island and Ikeja the state capital.

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu announce the ban few weeks ago and direct the state security teams to enforce the ban once it comes into effect

Why Government ban Okada

Over the years, some okada riders have been involved in some accidents with residents and motorists in Lagos

People accuses some okada riders of robbing people with their bike, some of rough riding on highways and cause of plent accidents and deaths

These are parts of the reason why government put restrictions on okada for the state for February 2020, but some still ignored it and continue to ride in restricted areas until the this latest ban

Governor Sanwo-Olu says the ban follow the master plan of the state and will help stop plenty cases of accidents and crime  related activities

The latest ban came after one incident happened in lekki which leads to the killing and burning of Mr David Umahi allegedly by Okada Men

Police arrested at least seven people who was involved in the killing of the man


How Lagos Want To Enforce Okada Ban

During the announcement of the total ban on Okada, the governor directed the security teams to arrest any Okada seen in the restricted areas

Lagos police said they will arrest any passengers seen on Okada as they also have a case to also answer

Since the announcement Police have began operations and captured 115 bikes in Lekki

They have also seized at least another 400 bikes during raids in other locations

Since government announced the first ban, Okada men and Security men have clash plenty of times especially when the police go to enforce the ban order


What Is The Alternative To Okada?

After government announce restrictions on Okada for Lagos on February 2022, they announce that they will introduces more BRT buses

They will also introduce mini buses that will be in the streets routes where government removes bike from

The government also said they have started advocacy to ensure that the people know what is happening and how it will affect them with the way out

Government also said they have put new boats for Lagos water to ease transportation matter

Arewa Community In Lagos React

Within this period, the people from Arewa community for Lagos direct their members to obey the the state government directives to ban Okada for some reasons in their state. Arewa people are from the northern part of Nigeria

The members are everywhere across Nigeria. They are most of the okada riders in Lagos and this ban is affecting them

After their meeting on May 22, they released nine points agreement that they will support the government order to ban Okada and other government policy that includes how to improve security for the state

In their Statement they wrote

the ban on Okada is not a new law in Lagos state, it has been established since ten years ago, we all have agreed to comply by the law because we are law abiding citizens

They also condemn activities of people refer to as ‘foreigners’ who perpetuate criminal activities and disguise themselves as Nigerian law abiding Okada riders

Okada over the years have made transportation easy in Lagos state especially during heavy traffic that the city witness daily

But with this total ban in some areas, who knows how the people in the city will handle their transportation matter

Ahead of the 1st of June the police in Lagos state entered the street on May 31 to do ‘show of force of parade’to show how they are prepared to enforce the ban

Police said they are ready to handle any protest that can threaten the peace of the nation


























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