Mob Stripped 53-Yrs-Old Woman Naked and Stoned Over Alleged Baby Theft In Lagos

An Angry Mob, on Thursday, stripped a 53-year-old woman naked and stoned her in the Mushin area of Lagos State after a baby allegedly disappeared.

The mob had alleged that the woman stole a baby.

Police Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Hundeyin, giving update on the incident, disclosed this on his Twitter handlebar monitored by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

On his Twitter page;

“We really need to join hands to stop jungle justice. At 1810hrs today, people stripped naked a 53-year-old woman (names withheld), started stoning her and were on the path of lynching her. This happened at Alasalatu, Mushin.

“The allegation was that she touched a baby and the baby disappeared. Police got there on time to rescue her. Lynch mob was dispersed with teargas.

“Allegation has not been proven. No parent/guardian has come forward yet to complain of a missing baby in that locality today. She is currently at the station, her husband has been contacted and an investigation is ongoing. Jungle justice is not the way to go. Say NO to jungle justice!’


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