Lagos Airport Suffers Setback As Runway Lights Get Damaged

The approach light on the runway of Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos state have gone off, forcing the pilots to rely solely on their onboard equipment to land airplanes.

The lighting system installed on the approach end of an airport runway and consisting of series of light-bars, strobes lights or a combination of the two that extends outwards from the runway end,reportedly collapsed on Monday Evening, May 30

It was also learnt that relevant aviation authorities did not issues a Notice to Airmen(NOTAM) on the development until later on Tuesday

As of 10.30pm on Tuesday, it was uncertain when the problem will be fixed

The Pilot who works with one of the domestic airlines, who chose to speak on condition of anonymity on the matter said;

It is sad that the relevant authorities are just issuing NOTAM on the development over 24 hours after the light collapsed. That is very dangerous. This is very annoying.”collapse of the approach light could inhibit pilots’ capability to land airplanes safely in bad weather.

According to him, the approach lights assist pilots in landing on the runway.

A Pilot and President, National Association of Private Aircrafts Owners, Mr Alex Nwuba, said there was no reason to panick over the development but stressed that there is an urgent need for the authorities to fix the light as soon as possible.

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