Knowledge Is Power

The difference between you and those above you is what you know. The difference between you and those below you is what you know. Also there’s no much difference between you and those equal or at par with you because what you all know is almost the same thing.

This is why in school, students are divided into classes. It is assumed that students in the same class know the same things whereas, students of higher class have higher knowledge value than the classes below them.

Birds Of The Same Feathers Flock Together

There is this tendency for us to move with those who are compatible with our knowledge base. It’s most likely that the friends, family and our closest colleagues have almost the same knowledge that we have.

This means that, John or Jane (your closest beasties) will not tell you anything new. They can’t give you live changing information.

Life-changing Information 

Not every information get to the mainstream mean media. By the time you switch on your TV to check the news, it’s probably no longer news but ‘olds’. There  are some information that if you knew about would probably turn your life around.

For example, I recently discovered that you don’t even need collateral to collect loans. Or when last did you heard about government auctioning of goods where products are sold at ridiculously low prices? What about vacancies that never get advertised on news platforms?What of visa opportunities to countries with lucrative economies?

All these examples of knowledge being the key can never get exhausted. The question is, why do they elude us?

Flock With The Eagles

There is a yoruba adage that says: The sheep that moves with the dog will eat faeces.

There is a reason why every society is divided into: Upper class, middle class and lower class. Knowledge is restricted based on the class that you exist in. If you are in a class comprised of employees, there is tendency that you will die as an employee. It’s like when you are placed in a cage.

The solution: Move with the upper class. When you move with people who earn a living collecting contracts, it’s most likely that you will be aware of the next contract opportunity. Your class will change if you move with the upper class.

The first thing that will change will be the center of discussions among the upper class. While the previous class discusses on how to save, the new class may discuss on how to invest. Everything will change because, as some will say, your network is your net worth.

In Conclusion

Moving with a new and improved set of people with increase your level of knowledge. Now the discussions will be richer and with real life experiences. Each encounter with your new-found friends will leave you knowing something new.

The bigger question to answer now is: how do you network with the upper class?

This question will be answered in another incoming post: Knowledge is Power (Part 2). But part 2 will be posted after 10 encouraging comments. So go into the comments section and tell me what you think about this post.

Author: Isaac Umanemeh

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