Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Joke About Her Producer Seeing Her Vagina

The 41 years old reality star Kim Kardashian and her 28 yrs old boyfriend Pete Davidson made jokes about her vagina during the filming of The Kardashians’ on Hulu.

The reality TV star and mogul was filmed speaking in a scene that emerged after the final credits of the final episode of the series, in which she asked her boyfriend Pete Davidson to come and meet a producer ‘Paxy’ who she has worked with over a decade.

Paxy is a longtime crew member who has worked with the family for years on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Paxy has worked with me as audio, 14 years from Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She knows everything about me,’ Kim says as crew members are heard laughing.

Kim adds, ‘She’s probably seen my vagina,’

Pete, who remained outside the screen, then asked, “More than me?”

To which Kim said, “No more than you, but she’s probably seen it.”

Paxy admits with a laugh, ‘I haven’t seen your vagina. I haven’t been initiated yet,’

Kim says, ‘We’ll get there. It takes time to warm up, to seeing my vagina. But you could look on the Internet. I’m just kidding,’ as the season comes to an end.


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