Fayemi: “Aspirants not seeking delegates votes pretenders”


Presidential Candidate, Kayode Fayemi, has said members of the APC who procured forms for the presidential ticket that are not visiting delegates are “pretenders”.

Fayemi made this known when he visited Niger State delegates ahead of the presidential primary in Minna on Sunday.

The governor of Ekiti State said there are over twenty aspirants who purchased the presidential ticket but only about five of them are serious.

Fayemi described those who are not traveling around the country to seek votes from the delegates as ‘pretenders’ .

“Now you are able to separate the pretenders from the contenders going by the number of aspirants traveling to states to seek the votes of delegates.

“I hear there is a list of twenty-something presidential aspirants but only about five of us are going round the states speaking to delegates.“

Fayemi further stated that as much as he has a personal relationship with the Niger State Governor, he decided to come to the state and speak with the delegates because they are the ones who have the power.

“I am not here with any sense of entitlement. I don’t believe I don’t need to come to Niger because I have a personal relationship with your governor”.

While stating his achievements as governor and minister, Fayemi urged the delegates to ensure that whatever decision they decide to take, they should always have the future of Nigeria at the back of their minds.

“One lesson that must always remain at the back of our mind is that we can remake Nigeria without unmaking Nigeria. Fayemi said.

“I am here to place my vision side by side with that of other aspirants and decide on the best “.

In his response, the Niger State Governor Abubakar Bello stated he has a personal relationship with the aspirant adding that if he had the powers to appoint, he would appoint him adding that Fayemi has been of great support to him in different areas of his life.

“If I had the privilege to appoint, I will appoint you but it is by-election and that is beyond me”.

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