Enugu Diocese Ban Catholics From Attending Father Mbaka’s Adoration Ministry

The Catholic Diocese of Enugu has banned all Catholics from attending Fr Mbaka’s Adoration Ministry

Mbaka had during his mid-week prayer activities declared that Peter Obi, “a stingy man”, could not be Nigeria’s president. He also said that he was “cursed.”

He also said unless Mr Obi returned to his Adoration Ministry to apologise for refusing to make donation to the ministry when he was asked to do so, his ambition to become president of Nigeria would be fruitless.

Many Nigerians, including the diocese, criticised Mr Mbaka over his comment on Mr Obi. The Catholic Diocese of Enugu disassociated from the utterances, noting that Mbaka’s attack on Obi breached Canon 220 of 1983 Code of the Canon Law that prohibited anyone from illegitimately harming the good name of a person.

The cleric later apologised to the former governor and his supporters, saying his intent was not to malign the LP presidential candidate.

The ban comes hours after Mr Mbaka’s apology for the outburst.

Mr Onaga, who announced the temporary ban in a statement on Friday, said the ban was because of Mr Mbaka’s refusal to heed several “fraternal corrections and admonitions” extended to him by the diocesan leadership.

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