Drake Signs a Massive Deal with Universal Music


On May 4, 2022, Sir Lucian Grainge, the Chief Executive Officer of Universal Music Group confirmed that a massive, multi-layered deal has been struck with Drake.

In the deal, Drake’s recordings, publishing, merchandise, and visible media projects was considered. Some say the deal is almost like a 360 deal.

During the Universal Music Group Q1 profits’ call,  Grainge said the “expanded portfolios” span more than one creative lanes and revenue streams.

Variety confirms that the deal is worth $400 hundred million or more. Although, the number of years that the deal governs, has not been revealed by the parties involved.

Since the last decade, Drake has become the No. 1 streaming artist, a role that he attained in 2016. This deal also proves Drake may never want to become an independent artist.


Author: Newstopz400

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