Dele Momodu: “Tested Politicians Have Failed”

Dele Momodu

Mr. Dele Momodu is a journalist and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential hopeful in the 2023 election. Dele Momodu gave Vanguard an exclusive interview explaining why he is the best man for the huge task of repositioning Nigeria for greatness.

Here are the excerpts:

A lot of tested politicians are in the race for the PDP Presidential ticket. What mileage do you have over the rest? 

My answer to your question is actually contained in an expression used in your question, “tested politicians”. That is the bane of our present society and societal development. Most of the aspirants for the Presidency today can be encapsulated in the phrase “tested politicians.” My view is that, sadly, while our politicians may be tested and experienced, they have only been tested but majorly failed in all spheres. Their experience is one of failure and mediocrity, and it is about time we moved away from these abysmally low standards and set new, higher, and qualitative standards and ideals for ourselves.

Indeed, the majority of Nigerians are saying they want fresh faces with fresh ideas and refreshing ideas. That is where my candidacy is different and novel. I am that candidate who fulfills the yearnings and aspirations of the ordinary Nigerian people for a principled, talented, disciplined, visionary leader who is additionally imbued with integrity, resourcefulness, and patriotism. I am bursting with ideas and solutions to the seemingly intractable problems that we face as a nation. The good thing is that this is not new to me. I have consistently advised our various leaders about what needs to be done to turn the fortunes of our beloved country around. It is not rocket science, but you must first open your mind, be a bucket for the reception of ideas and be receptive to those ideas. That is a fundamental attribute that is lacking in most of our leaders. It is why we also sadly continue to promote mediocrity because we are left with no choice.

With every sense of humility and modesty and without any fear of contradiction, I will say that I have labored hard to attain a global brand status. The records are there. They don’t need embellishment or massaging. I have had solid theoretical and practical education, which has enabled me to acquire wide-ranging experience and exposure in the world of teaching, business, entertainment, lifestyle, advocacy, entrepreneurship, governance, networking, public speaking, academia, journalism, public relations, branding, tourism, information technology, foreign relations, hospitality, philanthropy and so on. I believe that I have accomplished a lot by successfully managing people and resources. The secret of my successes in different fields of human endeavors can be traced and ascribed to honesty, knowledge, discipline, humility, frugality, passion, comportment, charisma, affability, vision, audacity, and tenacity, commitment, loyalty, and implicit faith in God.


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