Caityln Jenner Claims Pete Treats Kim Kardashian Better Than Kanye Did

During a recent interview on ‘’The Pivot Podcast with Channing Crowder,Ryan Clark and Fred Taylor, Caityln spoke about Kanye west being very difficult for  Kim kardashian to live with and how Pete treated Kim.

The reality star, Caityln jenner,72(kris Jenner ex) compared kim relationship with both her ex,Kanye,44, and current boyfriend, Pete Davidson,28. Kim kardashian began dating Pete Davidson in October amid her divorce from west. In March, a Los Angeles judge declared Kim and Kanye legally Single.

See her comment below

“But, Kimberly has been through a lot with the guys that she’s been with. You know, especially Kanye — very complicated guy. I liked Kanye, got along with him so well. Two of us did great together, and even when I transitioned, he was so on my side and you know, loving it. But he was very difficult to live with and Pete is 180 degrees [in] the other direction. I mean, first of all, he treats her so well, and when they were over here, Kim [was] so happy and Kim deserves to be happy.”

‘’Pete and Kim came over the other day, because I told Kim, ‘I haven’t even met him yet.’

“So she brought him over and we spent a couple hours here at the house together. And very different than what she would normally date.

Actually, I’m really into Pete right now with Kim.

We have a comedian in the family. Yay! We don’t need more rappers. We need a comedian in the family.



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