Bobrisky and James brown exchange words for Instagram ( See details)

The Nigerian crossdresser James chukwueze popularly know as James brown don fire back insult to him senior colleague,bobrisky

Idris okuneye known as bobrisky na Nigerian transgender woman, the crossdresser wey de loose her spotlight no dey please to James brown invite to the prestigious AMVCA and as james brown catch everybody attention as him stepped into the event wearing a royal-like costume








Hours after the red carpet looks enter social media, bobrisky post this comment for her Instagram page

‘’I see one person dress tonight laugh wan finish me. No be force. Sit down for house”.

Reacting to it, james brown defended his dressing by posting this on his Instagram page


Matter still never finish as James brown for an interview with media personality chude jide-onwo talk say the money wey bobrisky give am no do anything for him life as bobrisky dey announces to social media say na the 100k wey she/he give am make james who him be today(Star)

see wetin james talk about the moni matter

‘’In his words,I paid for everything I got with my own blood and sweat. I heard Bobrisky say he made me. I want to tell him he did nothing, your N100,000 did nothing.

The N100,000 just paid a debt I owed while my dad was trying to pay the money for my release from prison.

So if he wants the N100,000 I can give him in ten folds now. I’m grateful but do not open your mouth in public again. Do you know what other people did?



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