Awamaridi: I Am LP’s Guber Candidate, Rodes-Vivour Is Campaign Manager

Awamaridi during a press conference held in Alagbado area of Lagos yesterday where the members of the State Executive Council (SEC) passed a vote of confidence on him as the state chairman of the party.

He stated that the ruling party has bribed some national to remain in power to destabilize the party, stressing that some national officers do not understand the constitution of the party which is the main reason there are issues in the various state chapters of the party

Awamarudi who is also the Lagos State Labour Party factional chairman said that there may be no room for reconciliation before the election, pointing out that Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour is his voluntary campaign manager and not the gubernatorial candidate.

The State Executive Committee (SEC) has been operating since November 2016,. The new structure of SEC was initiated in December 1, 2018, via a congress that was held on the 7th of October 2018, which was witnessed by INEC. The State Working Committee has a four year term and the local government has a three year term.

The State Working Committee four years expires on the 1st of December 2022, and unfortunately some ignorant lawyers say they are appointing a caretaker committee when there is a subsisting SEC.

They set up the caretaker committee in July and back dated it to May 18. We held primary for Lagos State House of Assembly on 25th of May and that of House of Representatives primary on the 28th of May.

You back dated a caretaker committee led by an APC man on 18th of May and submitted the same document to INEC, it means that you have been bought over by the opposition, to vitiate all the primaries done after the 18th of May.

“If you say that Kayode Salako is the state chairman since the 18th of May and he was not the ine that conducted the primary, then yiu are saying that all the primaries are illegal because the 2022 electoral law is very clear, that was why you saw the judgment of Governor Oyetola in Osun State. If you say that anybody that superintends a primary is illegal that primary will become illegal, which is why I am saying that Julius Abure, the national chairman has been bribed by the opposition party.”

“He has compromised the Labour Party with the opposition party. He wrote the document that an APC man is now the chairman of Labour Party in July and back dated it to May 18th, it is fraudulent.”

“After the primary I went to Abuja as the chairman of the party to present the names of the House of Representatives and Senate candidates to the national body. I am happy that he said it on record that I was late and not I was illegal, invariably he agreed that the person that brought the names of the candidates o the 17th of June was the chairman of the party in Lagos State.”

“He was the same person who created a document that says that on the 18th of May, Salako was the chairman of the party in Lagos State. If he allows that document to subsist, the meaning is that even the concocted primary that they did where they claimed tat Rhodes-Vivour is the gubernatorial candidate will be illegal. If you claim that the first candidate is illegal, what are you replacing? You are replacing nothing.”

“It means that all the candidates in Lagos State, from governorship to Senatorial, to House of Representatives and House of assemble will be illegal. It is when you have a first primary that you can talk of replacing. The SEC has gone to court because of that document. We had to go to court because even if a candidate wins an election. in Lagos State, any party can take us to court. If we don’t vitiate tat document every candidate in Lagos State will be affected.”

“How can Rhodes-Vivour become a gubernatorial candidate when the constitution of the party says that you cannot be a candidate if you are not a member of the party fir at least six months, except there is a waiver from the party. I was the chairman at that time and I was given an authority to head the waiver committee.

“When did he join the party in Lagos State and he couldn’t have joined the party in Lagos State without my knowledge. As a member you have to join from the ward and local government, and how can you say that you are a member when the ward and local government chairmen do not know you? You don’t join the party from Abuja but from your local government, that is the condition of the party. How can somebody who is not a member of the party become the governorship candidate?”

“Also at the press briefing, SEC also unanimously passed a vote of confidence on all members of the state working committee, led by Awamaridi, in a document presented by Tunde Towolawi, deputy state chairman of the party and Dr. lanre Akinloye, publicity secretary, berated the document created by Julius Abure in July backdated to 18th May, 2022, purporting Kayode Salako to be the chairman of Labour Party, Lagos State, describing the document as fraudulent, mischievous, null, void, and of no effect.”

According to SEC it has filed a suit in the federal high court to vitiate all the illegal infractions of some national officers of the party against the state chapter of the party.

It approved that the state chairman should go on with the case and other cases relating to state Assembly, House of Representatives, Senate and governorship candidates and also approved the proposed inclusion of new members in the meeting of the state working committee and think tank council, among other resolutions.


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