American rapper ‘Dababy’ says he had to bribe some Nigerian Airport staff to leave Nigeria

American recording artiste,Jonathan Lyndale kirk known as Dababy post video for him Instagram to call out the Nigerian airport for allegedly extorting moni from am before he could board back to London

The rapper was in Lagos ,Nigeria to shoot a music video with Afropop superstar Davido for weeks.

He shared a video of himself and his crews member in a plane leaving the country. In the caption,he reveals him experience with Nigeria airport officials

He commented, “Boyyyy, I had to pay the whole airport to make this flight.”

watch him video below from source

See comments from Nigerians

@ephexzee wrote, “This is not funny at all because this will not portray Nigeria’s image well in the international community”.

@nittah_rocks, “If you come to Nigeria Nd Nigeria don’t happen to you, you never experience Nigeria yet”.

@mz_bre_bre, “Such a shame, Nigerians need to do better and stop disgracing the country. The airport is a nightmare everyone has turned into beggars”.


This comes after the rapper made the day of a traffic hawker after he paid $100 for a few sachets of popcorn in Lagos.

The “Rockstar” went on a drive with his entourage in Lagos on Tuesday, May 17, and decided to buy popcorn from a traffic vendor.

However, the rapper who only had hundred dollar bills in his possession, gave the hawker $100 (N60,000) for few sachets of popcorn.

The hawker was pleasantly surprised by the hard currency and took his time to assess it with a huge smile on his face.




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