Adolf Hitler: A better leader than Buhari, all African leaders

The name, Adolf Hitler, reminds those conversant with history of a monster who embodied the worst of racist thinking and actions. Adolf Hitler’s unforgivable massacre of millions of Innocent souls still stands as one of the most horrible deeds in the annals of humanity. I doubt his terrible actions would ever be repeated with as much brutality and mercilessness. But these deeds of his only make obscure the fact that his government, till the war, was one of the most successful and effective Germany ever had. It was a purposeful leadership, full of fulfilled national promises and development in all forms. As some observers note, maybe if Adolf Hitler had died before 1939, he would probably have ended as one of Germany’s best leaders. These are some of Adolf Hitler’s achievements that no African leader, both living or dead, has ever come close to achieving:
Many do not know that Germany hosted the Olympic games in Hitler’s time. Berlin hosted the 1936 Olympic games; the event showcased Germany’s development, which enabled their being trusted to host such a grand event, and also as a testament to Hitler’s quest to ensure physical development of his people. More than fifty years ago that Hitler lived, yet no African country has surpassed or equalled his record, and host the Olympics!
Adolf Hitler also oversaw the miraculous recovery of the German economy; brought Germany out of depression and turned it into a permanent world leader. He achieved all that in the space of three years! He created lots of jobs; unemployment fell by two million; employment, in 1937, was at its highest since the 1920s. This was a nation that had been laid supine by the enormous weight of reparations due to its role in WW1. Social programs that truly had the people in mind, like producing cheap automobiles to make sure more Germans had cars, were initiated. Joblessness, poverty and waste of human resources are the core issues bedeviling almost all African countries.
Industrial output was at an unprecedented high. Jet aircrafts, guilded missiles, rockets, artificial gasoline from coal and even knowledge of the nuclear bomb was first exploited by Hitler’s government. Some of the mighty German companies today like Volkswagen, Bayer began or increased in size then. Novel scientific ideas were tested and researched about, which of course led to German scientists being pioneers in a lot of fields, and being sought by many other nations after the war. All African leaders claim to want the development of their societies, but most never encourage scientific research in their countries. How would you achieve development?
In conclusion, Africa and Nigeria needs passionate leaders like Adolf Hitler, though devoid of his racial and sentimental beliefs, who would devote their lives to truly benefiting and improving the lives of the African people. Consider only his deeds for Germany, and Hitler would seem as probably the best political leader the world has ever seen. He literally transformed the lives of the German people; in this, Africa leaders must try to imitate him.

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